Communicate your Innovation

We believe, that technology drives innovation and we believe, that the world should learn about innovations. That´s why we do PR using modern scientific methods and coach you and your management team to communicate more effectively. Do you have a thrilling topic for us?

As your German PR agency, we cover Germany, Austria and Switzerland and manage national and international technology campaigns.

  • We coach you to communicate more effectively, whenever you talk to journalists, analysts, employees and investors to present your brand in the best possible way.
  • We consult on efficient communication processes to make your PR run like clockwork.
  • We get things done for you, to free you from daily business details.

Communications Consulting & Management

Technology has changed both the economy as well as daily life, but not every innovation becomes economically successful. The keys to success are not only quality and demand, but also the way in which they are communicated.

Does the tonality of the language match the target group? Are complex relationships presented in a simple way but nevertheless explained in sufficient detail to convince the experts? Does communication address those managers, which make the final purchasing decision? And does it provide all other target groups with the right arguments, enabling them to support the decision in favour of your technology? All these are topics we have been addressing for over 10 years to ensure your innovation breaks through.

Every company, every product and every service is unique, that´s why we tailor PR strategies and measures precisely to your requirements. We do not only take into account your company image, what your current organisation is capable of and which goal you wish to achieve first, but also what your competition is doing and how you can respond. The scope of our offer ranges from developing your PR strategy and implementing your day-to-day measures to optimising your communication processes, training-on-the-job through to coaching professionals and management staff for a better public appearance and a more motivated leadership style.


Change Views

Over the last 15 years we have learned that successful reputation management is the sum of its different parts: an excellent company spokesperson, professionals in the PR department, well-practiced teams, procedures that run like clockwork and seamless, target-oriented implementation.

You can leverage the experience we have gained from countless campaigns and by monitoring their effects. It has resulted in a unique concept and thought leadership that facilitate sustainable results.

The unique combination of consulting and coaching gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes, analyze causes and effects as well as implement changes along the way. This is applicable to public opinion as well as to the work in your department. Where a PR professional alone can no longer help you, our trainer gives you decisive tips, adding the desired effect to your speech, reaching each journalist in exactly the right spot, influencing decision makers and solving any problems in your team over the office grapevine.

We add skills to all levels of communication: verbal and non-verbal, personal and mass communication, through official and unofficial channels. We support you by using all facets of communication and changing perspectives.

With this concept we are unique in Germany.

It is the basis on which we develop your PR strategy, support you in implementing it in everyday life, advise you in crises, optimise your communication processes and coach your specialists and managers for a better appearance and a motivating management style.

This also convinces our customers.